Contract Support Services

This is a core skill area of the practice and one in which director Steve Leech has 35 years of experience. The knowledge we have gained by working for different types of organisation (Client, Main Contract & Subcontractor) is advantageous when formulating claims and during negotiations. We place particular emphasis on comprehensive, detailed and accurate analysis.

Services Offered

•Preparation of Tenders for Small Builders and Subcontractors

•Budget Estimating and Cash Flow Forecasting

•Cost Reporting and Reconciliation

•Preparation of Bills of Quantities

•Preparing Subcontract Enquiry Documents (including Schedules of Works and Bills of Quantities)

•Negotiating Subcontracts and Preparing Subcontract Documents

•Agreement of Subcontract Accounts

•Evaluation and Negotiation of Subcontractor’s Claims

•Taking Off and Scheduling Materials

•Valuation of Variations

•Valuation of Interim and Final Accounts

•Valuation of Measured Term Contracts

•Evaluation and Negotiation of Claims and Disputes (including Delay, Disruption & Valuation)


•Project Management for small Building Contractors/Developers

•Dispute Avoidance

•Contractual Advice